Southern Maryland Bluecrabs


For over 30 years we have secured headliners for casinos, corporate events, amusement parks, festivals, arenas/ theaters, universities and city events. Since we buy talent in many sectors, we have the opportunity to speak to many agents within an agency.

The goal(s): to maximize buying power and to maintain long standing relationships with clients.


Sound, lighting, staging security, catering- we have the vendor. Our extensive knowledge of production vendors and local labor forces versed in entertainment will assure that the event will stay on schedule and within budget.

-  will work with venue labor force to arrange all labor calls as well as negotiate the best rates possible with the local unions (if applicable)

-Non Profits/ University Events: teach and educate the volunteers on how to build a show safely

- each show will have its' own design an organizational hierarchy to make sure every need is met

-Every venue is different, so production will be augmented to meet not only the technical needs of an artist but to accommodate the venue specifications