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Load -in is usually where clients gasp at the amount of equipment that is needed to produce a live performance.  Rest assured that all of those cases are needed. Want to learn what is in them? No problem, we will be more than happy to educate you on what each one contains. Perception is reality when it comes to the final look of an event. Although these cases are necessary, no one wants to see them as attendees walk through the door.


We are on site the entire day. Dbuyer, Inc. doesn't just exist on the phone or on-line. A show day is extremely busy and we help keep the moving parts moving. It is not out of the ordinary for us to make that special "coffee run" for a rigger who just doesn't seem to be awake yet.

We will:

-work hand in hand with artist production manager and venue production manager

-coordinate with caterers to make sure everyone is cared for

-Stay in direct contact with hotel manager to assure simplified check in/out for artists

-Always be connected to local ground transportation (limos, shuttles, vans, etc.)

-organize (and/or hire) runners for the day of show needs